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MajuLab’s 4-Year Review

by MajuLab editor - published on , updated on

MajuLab's 4-Year Review

The UMI MajuLab officially started operations in 2014, due to reach the end of its first 4-Year term at the end of 2017.

The four partners ( CNRS and UNS on the French side, NUS and NTU on the Singaporean side) consulted earlier this year and agreed to hold a 4-year review on 20 - 21 October.

Through these years, among so many other happenings, UNS was integrated into UCA, and UPMC formed the intent to formally become a partner of the UMI for its 2nd term, if so agreed by the founding partners.

See online : MajuLab’s 4-Year Review