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2018- Quantum Technology ApéroScience

by MajuLab editor - published on

2018- Quantum Technology ApéroScience

No need to have any prior knowledge on QuanTech to join, anyone curious and interested was more than welcome to share a drink and network with the French-Singaporean scientific community.

This ApéroScience was the opportunity to start 2018 learning about a new topic in Science & Technology: “QuanTech: Quantum Technologies for the future”

We noticed a huge interest in Quantum Technologies since all the tickets were gone in two hours! Facing this fact, MajuLab is thinking about organizing an ApéroScience II later this year :)

At that time, Quantum technologies experts were in town one week after the QuEST School, an event organized by MajuLab.

Here is the detail of the event talks & program:

1. Alexander Ling, CQT and Dept of Physics, NUS: “Quantum communication”- 20 min talk / 10-min Q&A

2. Carole Diederichs (NTU, UPMC, and MajuLab) and Hui Khoon Ng (Yale-NUS, CQT, and MajuLab): “Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies” - 20 min talk / 10-min Q&A a) Part I on “Quantum sources of light” (by Carole) b) Part II on “Quantum computing” (by Hui Khoon)

We finished the event with a little session of networking and sharing views around wine and nibbles!

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